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Doro Gjat - Naufrago del Cielo (2020)

Doro Gjat – Naufrago del Cielo (2020)


Directed by

Aurora Ovan

Cinematography by

Davide Nicolicchia

1st AC

Alessandro Zanuttigh

Editing, Color & VFX

Filippo Di Primio

Hair stylist

Silvia De Simone

Location manager

Stefano Borgomas - MassMedia


“Respirare (in fondo è semplice)” by Giulia Daici, is a music video about letting go and leaving lightly.

Shot on: Panasonic GH5s
Lenses: Panasonic Lumix 12-35 mm
Motorized Dolly: Shootools Dolly 360 Motion Plus
Editing & Color Software: DaVinci Resolve STUDIO


  • Zero Waste Catering
  • Minimum amount of lights used
  • Second hand costumes and props



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Productions create
a significant environmental impact
and we’re committed to be as much sustainable as possibile.
Here’s what we #dare to do:


Yes, not just single-use plastic is bad for the environment, but actually everything that’s single use. Our contracts, agreements and paperwork stuff is just digital. In case we need to print out something, we use recycled paper made with renewable energy, eco-friendly certified printers and inks.


Food: the food we provide on set is always km0 and biological, with no packaging, and mostly plantbased.

Tablewear: single use items are banned from our set! So dishes and cutlery are in ceramic and metal, glass water bottles on deposit and glasses.


after each outdoor set, we clean up everything we find.


We #move each client to make little changes in their companies in order to be more eco-friendly and we’re happy to give free consultations and tips on how to start the change.


Any time we can support green and #equalrights projects, ideas and organisations through the media or donations, we’ll dare to!

Com’on guys, let’s care about this together. Let’s DARE.



Directs boys on set (and out of it) to get your business done. Writes since she was 8, published a book at 16 and graduated in filmmaking in NYC at 21.

*yes, women directors do exist.


sometimes doing Prep, sometimes doing Post, always takes care of Social Ad Campaigns. Spent time in LA learning how to film stuff and teaching how to cook spaghetti.


he kNose → everything you’ll never want to know, which is the nerdy side of things: camera gear, grip, chip, channel, fresnel, gimbal, (more).. but most important he makes all that work.


the Software Hermit → FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects.. you name it, he edits & colors & makes shit moving anywere. Just be sure he doesn’t run out of smokes.


BZZZZZ → he’s taking footage with that Decepticon-like thing that flies and makes that awful noise you’re all so worried or amused about. (We don’t know why but he also makes websites)